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Welcome to Marc Edwards’ Fitness Site,
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I’ve been a personal trainer for over a decade.
Throughout this time I’ve been lucky to work with, train with and been taught by some of the forerunners in the UK’s fitness industry.

With over 15 years experience in teaching & training people, I work on ‘Results Driven’ Programming.

Together, we can guarantee results.

I offer personal training (one to one) or for groups (if you want to train with a pal).

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In order to get you efficiently to your goals, getting the correct components of a programme together is vital.
Cheaper trainers miss this stage and instead train their clients the way they train themselves. This can commonly result in the trainer producing clients who only reach the trainer’s own goals, or worse they injure the you, the client, who cannot keep up and will have you perform beyond your own limits.



The Marc Edwards’ Master Series is a unique series of packaged personal training that will teach you to master different tools of training. They include mastering Kettlebells, TRX, Your own Bodyweight, The Barbell and even your diet.

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