Sweat-Box Studio Application Form

Sweat-Box Studio Application Form

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    Membership Application Form

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  • Membership Options

    There are a few membership options. Individual, Couple and both of those with PT included.

    Individual is pretty much what you'd expect. You pay for access for 1 person to train. Couple is for 2 people to train and if you opt for an Individual PT membership this is for 1 person to train whenever they want but with a PT session (or 4) included to boost productivity and chances of reaching goals. Same for the couples. Not rocket science 🙂

  • Marc Edwards Fitness and Representatives means anybody delivering a training session / Course / Workshop in association with / on behalf of Marc Edwards or Associated Training Provider (REPs Accredited or not) and any Training Session/Course/Class/Workshops including (but not limited to) any of the following names:
    Marc Edwards Fitness / K5 Health and Fitness / Universal Training / Universal Fitness Training / Universal Martial Arts Training / Universal Personal Training / K500 Kickboxing
  • I agree to adhere to the terms and conditions, rules and regulations set forth by Marc Edwards (full T&Cs in the link below) which are clearly displayed in the Studio. I also understand that I will be solely responsible for my own welfare whilst using the studio and subsequently, the safety and welfare of anybody accompanying me whilst I use the facilities.
    Terms and Conditions
    Full Terms and Conditions can be downloaded by clicking HERE but in a nutshell;
    • Respect the box and the box will respect you
    • Book your time slots at least a week in advance
    • Leave the place as you find it
    • Report any defects ASAP
    • Remove outdoor footwear before you enter
    • Train only with the programme you're given by your trainer
    • Don't be a dumbass and get stuck under some weights you're not strong enough to lift
    • You break it, you buy it
    • Use it or lose it.... basically NO REFUNDS
    • Don't steal anything, I know where you live
    • Ask questions if you're unsure of anything
    • Enjoy the place. It's the only 24/7 private studio around!
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