Body Composition Consultation – Live


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Analysing your body composition is one of the quickest methods of assessment when it comes to changing your shape. The closest thing to Spot reduction that you can find in the Health and Fitness market.

Taking skin fold measurements on the body and correlating the information with your body’s hormonal make up, we will see a ‘blue print’ of how YOU should be eating for optimum results.

This assessment & consultation takes approximately 30-90 minutes. I will then take time to analyse the results and research the best plan to get you optimal results and any imbalanced hormones back on track.

We prescribe dietary protocols (&training) that can modulate your Body Composition readings back to their optimal level – giving you a leaner, healthier and more energetic body.

Everybody that utilises this option receives a full report detailing unique and bespoke (to your own genetics and biochemistry) nutritional, supplementation, and overall lifestyle programmes. Nothing is left to chance and I manage your progress every step of the way.


Must live nearby or be willing to travel. I can come to you but you will be responsible for expenses.