Enhancing your skills?

If you’re a trainer or even a keen fitness enthusiast that wants to learn something new for your workouts, I can help.


Private or Groups

I offer training courses for fitness professionals and/or fitness enthusiasts both UK based and Internationally.  For Fitness Professionals, you may need to maintain insurance by way of CPD. All Fitness Industry courses I offer are accredited & range in points from 4 to 16.

I filter all of my education through Universal Training. A purpose built website that offers the best selection from the best providers of fitness/martial arts/specialist courses on offer

Over the past decade, I have tutored for Juice Performance, Jordan Fitness’ Training Academy, Discovery Learning and Faster Health and Fitness to name a few. I have also written courses for leading Martial Arts Education providers WAKO (the World Association of Kickboxing Organisations).


I will teach you the science behind Kettlebell training as well as how to apply it into your programmes. Learn the biomechanics of using the Kettlebell for your training, the benefits of Kettlebell training over other systems, and the foundation Kettlebell drills.

This is a  Level 2 Award in Instructing Studio Cycling. Learners will prepare, instruct, demonstrate and evaluate a studio cycling exercise session highlighting the benefits and safety considerations when designing a studio cycling programme.

This course will teach you how MMA drills can be used to develop fitness in a non-combative environment. You will learn the correct techniques for a variety of punches, kicks and other strikes and how to link these into combinations in a 1:1 situation.

The benefits of using a suspension system are massive! Even if you don’t think you need it, you do. All of the core muscles, all of the synergists and stabilisers fire by default. 

I will teach you the basics of suspension system training and how this can improve many client’s functions.


Tried and Tested for decades, CIRCUIT TRAINING is one of the oldest, safest, most effective ways of Group Training, Social Interaction and attaining results.

Let us teach you how to plan, structure and execute safe and effective Cirsuit Training Sessions in this ONLINE COURSE


Bridge the gap between what they DON’T teach you as a basic personal trainer and the L4 S&C Certifications out there. This course will teach you to break down the Snatch, Clean, Jerk and make it applicable to ANY client you have in the gym.

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