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If you want to improve your overall fitness in one of the most intense and functional manners possible or hone up rusty reflexes in an exciting and exhilarating fashion, then one to one Kickboxing Workouts may well be for you!


You’ll be in a prime position to increase not just your overall conditioning, strength and fitness, but all of my kickboxing clients also experience marked improvements in coordination, physical control and balance, and confidence.


There is nothing quite like walking down the street knowing that you can have better control than ever in any situation that may arise. The techniques learned and the way you utilise them can have a functional carryover to aid in self defence.


If you are interested in discussing a Martial Arts Training programme, please give me a call to organise a free consultation at your convenience.



ME and Martial Arts


I began Martial Arts at the age of 6 studying Judo and competing to an international level. I had always wanted to try Kickboxing after one of my childhood idols, Jean Claude Vandamme (80’s child, what can I say!).  When I was 15 I began Kickboxing under the instruction of Mr Rick Rosser.  In 1999 we formed one of the most successful Kickboxing Clubs in The Vale of Glamorgan, K500 Kickboxing.


Since then, I have studied Muay Thai, Kung Fu & Jeet Kune Do (to name a few). Combining my knowledge of Martial Arts with an understanding of Human Movement & Performance, I am able to tailor specific training sessions for my clients.


I currently hold a 5th Dan in Kickboxing  (2016, Peter Edwards, President WAKO GB)  &  I’m the Education Director for WAKO GB, developing minds and bodies within the organisation.


I have written material for several educational Martial Arts Programmes & Courses including WAKO GB’s Instructor Coaching Course, Psychology of Fighting and the Hugely popular Pink Belt Kickboxing Programme.


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