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Journey to success.


  1. Initial meeting

Often held in a local cafe or private club, this can also be done via Skype or other video conference software. We take this opportunity to get to know each-other and try to evaluate if we could have the right dynamics to help you achieve your goals.

It is great to meet my clients first, just to make sure we are compatible and i can help…

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  1. Building the assessment.

This process takes place away from you, and is my opportunity to look through my notes & to tailor an assessment that will specifically help me design the route to help you reach your goal at a faster pace.

In, order to improve your body, you need to work close to your threshold, otherwise you will not cause the adaptations you need to see a result. The closer you can get to this threshold, and the more specific the threshold is to your goal, then the quicker you will get to your result.

Unfortunately, you also run the risk of injury and illness training close to your threshold, so the assessment and the skill set I adopt is vital to keeping you healthy while giving you the best and quickest results.

Whilst I understand that all plans could change session by session, I do believe that getting the structure correct up front, is a must…

Spending time researching the exact thresholds you need to push, requires me to cross reference many different, possible protocols, after the initial meeting…

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  1. Programming.


Based on all of the information gathered, I can now build a programme around your budget, aimed at getting you to your goal as fast as I can and within your time and other limitations.

When I build a programmes, I endeavour to stay precise enough to get you to your goal, but vague enough to allow a change each session so you enjoy them and want to come back…

The outline of the programme is presented to you, the client, often by email, then an agreement on training is made, and you start your training programme.

Even with the greatest planning, we may still miss something, that you spot, and so we like to agree your plan and programme before we work out…



  1. Continual Observation Assessments


Keeping you close to your threshold is important, and as you get fitter or as your lifestyle changes, we need to make sure your programme is adapted appropriately.

Many trainers put the hard work in at the front of a clients sessions and sit back and deliver. However unless you take performance enhancing drugs, we will need to track you on a session-by-session basis for evidence of plateau and other fluctuations in your threshold ceiling.

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