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Enhancing your skills?

If you’re a trainer or even a keen fitness enthusiast that wants to learn something new for your workouts, I can help.

Private or Groups

I offer training courses for fitness professionals and/or fitness enthusiasts both UK based and Internationally.  For Fitness Professionals, you may need to increase your REPs points to maintain insurance. All Fitness Industry courses I offer are REPs accredited & range in points from 4 to 16.

I filter all of my education through Universal Training. A purpose built website that offers the best selection from the best providers of fitness/martial arts/specialist courses on offer:


I have tutored for Juice Performance, Jordan Fitness’ Training Academy, Discovery Learning and Faster Health and Fitness to name a few. I have also written courses, both for Fitness and some for Martial Arts education providers WAKO.

I’m the current Education Director for WAKO GB and the Senior Tutor with the Jordan Fitness.

Some of the favourite (most busy) courses are Kettlebells, MMA Fitness, Bodyweight Suspension, Functional Training and Powerbag!

Full information coming soon but the list of courses I offer are:

Bodyweight Suspension Training Coach

Circuits Instructor

Comprehensive Core Training

Comprehensive Speed, Power & Agility Training

Comprehensive Bodyweight Training

Extreme Circuits Instructor

Functional Training Course

Powerbag Coach

Sandbag Coach

Self Myofascial Release with Foam Rollers

Studio Cycling Instructor

Tactical Rig Training

Tactical Advanced Rig Training

Weight Management Concepts

Unconventional Training

Ante-Post Natal Considerations

Kettlebell Instructor L1 Certification

Kettlebell Specialist L2 Certification

MMA Fitness L1 Certification

MMA Fitness L2 Advanced Certification

Olympic Weightlifting Instructor Certification

Postural Correction Specialist

Weight Management Specialist

StrongMan Training Specialist

Developing Flexibility

Psychology of Ring Fighting

Health Club Manager CPD

Martial Arts Instructor Coaching Courses

Become a Pink Belt Kickboxing Instructor


KettleBell Instructor

We will teach you the science behind Kettlebell training as well as how to apply it into your programmes. Learn the biomechanics of using the Kettlebell for your training, the benefits of Kettlebell training over other systems, and the foundation Kettlebell drills.

Olympic Weight Lifting Instructor

This course will teach you the history, benefits, terminology and correct techniques of the Olympic lifts and variations. You will learn how to gradually develop your client’s athleticism and speed strength using this form of training, and how to test and implement a sound resistance training programme.

Extreme Circuit Training

By utilising exercises and movements patterns from Olympic Weightlifting, Kettlebell training, gymnastics parkour and unconventional training. This course will allow you understand the principles and benefits of Extreme Training and how to apply them into your PT sessions or group classes.

This course will teach you how mixed-martial arts (MMA) drills can be used to develop fitness in a non-combative environment. You will also learn the correct techniques for a variety of punches, kicks and other strikes and how to link these up into combinations. Great for training in the gym or at home, you will be able to correctly and safely teach and supervise these skills in a one-to-one training environment

WAKO GB Instructor Coaching Course

Level 1

This coaching course is designed to give instructors and assistant instructors an overview and the relevant tools & basic structure of running a Martial Arts Club, Class and Session within WAKO GB. It will issue a National Instructor qualification via WAKO GB to it’s Instructors and now to Instructors from other organisations. A WAKO Instructor or Teacher will be a person who has achieved a level of technical competence in Martial Arts to a minimum of 1st Dan or its equivalent and also passed a WAKO Coaching assessment. Only those aged 18 or over may apply for this course/assessment.

Pink Belt Kickboxing Instructor Coaching Programme

Want to help empower women & teach them some awesome skills? This is a unique opportunity to run the official Pink Belt Kickboxing Programme for your clients, students, friends?

This 2 day instructor course will give you the Instructor Qualification, practical experience, the tools, knowledge, structure and all relevant information to make this successful as part of your skill set. Previous Martial Arts experience preferred.

Please contact for more details. PLEASE make sure you let Pink Belt know where you found them.

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