SGC_204_Basic Health and Safety

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We want to arm each and every one of our Coaches with the foundation knowledge of Health and Safety Protocols within the realm of Pink Belt Kickboxing and session delivery in general.

All of this module is based upon the principles found in the Fitness Industry’s staple Level 2 qualification.

You will be assessed in whole at the end of module 2 (2.09). There is a multiple choice quiz to sit with a passmark of 80%.

Understanding Health and Safety

Please watch this video presentation below in it’s entirety. Although there is no full assessment at the end of this lesson, you will need to make notes on the video and the information held within to pass the main module assessment at lesson 9.

Once you have finished the whole presentation and have made your notes, please navigate to the bottom of the page and hit the quiz button. Complete it to move on.

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