PBKB-UG Registration & Introduction

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Pink Belt Kickboxing Programme Introduction


Hello! Welcome to the Pink Belt Kickboxing Programme.  We hope that you enjoy the next 6 weeks or so of learning, practicing, making friends, getting fit, getting lean, sculpting you a new body and basically, becoming awesome!

This whole concept was developed by Marc Edwards and Miranda Nolan. Both are registered Black Belts, Licensed Instructors and Coaches with one of the world’s largest Kickboxing Organisations, WAKO (World Association of Kickboxing Organisations www.wakogb.com), and, they are both Personal Trainers registered in the UK.

Having trained hundreds of people over decade, some of the fastest, most enjoyable gains and advances were made with Kickboxing in the sessions. People achieved faster gains in Flexibility, Strength, Co-ordination, Balance, Stamina and were able to perform daily tasks with greater ease.  With all of these increases, they also found a DECREASE in Body Fat, Weight, Dress Size, Back Pain, general aches and pains. Some people with health conditions also found things like their blood pressure improving.

There are so many benefits to be had by learning kickboxing and you’re on the first step of your journey to reaping some of these!


Programme Overview

The programme is devised over 4 phases of training:


Phase 1
Kickboxing Basics (which you have already done!)

Phase 2

Phase 3
Advanced Training techniques

Phase 4
Becoming a complete kick boxer

Each Phase consists of 3 live training sessions.  Each session has online material supporting the techniques that you learn. Each session, within the online material, you will find a ‘Home Training’ Session. This can be downloaded as a PDF for you to print and practice at home. There’s a different session every time.


Phase 1

This will introduce you to a plethora of techniques that you will need for the course duration. Over the first phase we will teach you to Punch, Kick, Hold the pads, Control power out put, teach you conditioning drills to help you. 

Phase 2

This phase, we will bring in and introduce the defence techniques used against the punches and kicks in phase 1. For every attack (kick or punch) there is an adequate defence (method of blocking or avoiding). All of this whilst continuing to improve the technique upon phase 1.

Phase 3

Advanced Traning Techniques is where the Trainer starts to ‘kick it up a gear’. We will introduce you to the Pink Belt Kickboxing Circuits, A protocol of training called ModTab and you watch your stamina Sky Rocket!  You will also start playing with Shadow Boxing/Shadow Sparring (it’s FUN).

Phase 4

Hopefully by now your individual techniques will be looking sharp. This is where a deeper understanding will be recognised. By this we mean that you should not only now KNOW the techniques but be able to understand why each technique leads into the next, why a certain block feels more comfortable than another. Where you will ‘Become a Kickboxer’.  This will be developed by the introduction of 2-3 step sparring with your instructor.

Online Material:

At the end of your live training session with your Pink Belt Instructor, they will issue you with a code. This code must be inputted in the online material (online lesson), at the bottom. This will then unlock the material (lesson) for the next session.

For example:

You’ve just finished your 1st live session with an instructor. They’ve issued you with the code: PBKB123456789.

Log in to your course at www.pinkbeltkickboxing.com click Courses  –  My Courses, Select PinkBelt Session 01 Material and at the bottom there is a ‘Lesson Quiz’. Click this and match the correct code. This will then allow you to view PinkBelt Session 02 Material.

Please note, The exercises and workouts described in this course should be used as part of an overall conditioning exercise programme. It is the responsibility of your trainer to correctly screen and identify suitable and unsuitable exercises or training recommendations & adaptations for you.  Should you require any amendments, please ask your instructor.




The information contained in this course is the sole property of Pink Belt Kickboxing Limited. Copying this material without the prior consent of its author is strictly prohibited and is a breach of UK copyright laws. Any utilisation of ideas, comments, theories or text should be properly referenced, such as with the Harvard Referencing System, to the authors (Edwards, M.H).


Programme Schedule


  • Registration & Introduction
  • PinkBelt Live Session 01
  • Home Conditioning Session 1 (at Home)
  • PinkBelt Live Session 02
  • Home Conditioning Session 2 (at Home)
  • PinkBelt Live Session 03
  • Home Conditioning Session 3 (at Home)
  • PinkBelt Live Session 04
  • Home Conditioning Session 4 (at Home)
  • PinkBelt Live Session 05
  • Home Conditioning Session 5 (at Home)
  • PinkBelt Live Session 06
  • Home Conditioning Session 6 (at Home)
  • PinkBelt Live Session 07
  • Home Conditioning Session 7 (at Home)
  • PinkBelt Live Session 08
  • Home Conditioning Session 8 (at Home)
  • PinkBelt Live Session 09
  • Home Conditioning Session 9 (at Home)
  • PinkBelt Live Session 10
  • Home Conditioning Session 10 (at Home)
  • PinkBelt Live Session 11
  • Home Conditioning Session 11 (at Home)
  • PinkBelt Live Session 12
  • Pink Belt Kickboxing Completion Certification
  • Home Conditioning Session 12 (at Home)




(The following information is shared from the Universal Training Digital Black Belt Programme. Written and Compiled by Marc Edwards.)

Modern Kickboxing, an American Child. Born in the mid 70s out of an ever growing frustration from the fighters on the Karate tournament circuit.  If the 70s had a motto, ‘Do your own thing’ would have been it. This social attitude crossed over into the martial arts.

America has always been a ‘hub’ of cultures, and when a hunger for new Martial Arts’ experiences evolved, this led to people sampling (Simultaneously) Japanese, Korean and Chinese Martial Arts, there was Dojo’s and training centers popping up all over the United States. Inevitably,  there was going to be comparisons.

It’s said that Americans are iconoclasts by nature, which is apparent when you see the likes of Korean leg techniques being infused with Okinawan & Japanese hand techniques and added with the fluidity of Chinese Arts, all in search of the ‘Ultimate Style’. There were many systems formed from these hybrids, some good, some not so good.

One of the better known ‘bastard systems/styles’ was Full Contact Karate. At the time it was formed, this sparked some controversy. There was little or no etiquette, no discipline or mystique that the Oriental Arts displayed. Fighters entered a ring, wore boxing gloves and just ‘went for it’. These early pioneers couldn’t have guessed what would happen next.  There was out cry, a simmering anger of traditionalists boiled over at this ‘problem child’ that gave no respect to it’s parents. Even the very name ‘Full Contact Karate’ was attacked (with fair point given that there was combat between ropes and was hardly Karate). Submitting to this outcry, this new innovation coined the term ‘Kick Boxing’.

The confusion and controversy wasn’t just from the outside. When these ‘kick boxers’ entered the ring they realised to their shock that their stamina was below average for continually fighting over several rounds. Reason being that the ‘deadly’ techniques that they had been practicing for years prior were negated when boxing gloves were on the hands. Suddenly ‘one-punch kills’ were relegated to several punch hits to keep someone at bay.

Even the much practiced kicks were called into question when an opponent attacked with a flurry of haymakers at your head, as were the blocks. Traditional methods of blocking were suspect when blows were coming from various angles, at various velocities and with full speed & power.

The rounds weren’t pretty and graceful. They were fast, furious, untidy, exhausting brawls where good martial artists were reduced in stature by the sheer exertion of the contest. Couldn’t go back though.

Kickboxers at this point imported another style, this time, a Western one, Boxing (Western Boxing). Enviable of the way boxers would, over 10-15 rounds, maintain their composure, stamina & technique. It was felt that to succeed, kickboxers should adopt some of these secrets.

Over 35 years have passed since these baby steps into kickboxing were taken by it’s pioneers. Today, it is recognised world wide as a sport of martial arts, a Martial Sport. Linked with the past but making it’s own future.

We have seen over the recent years evolutions on mass of Martial Arts. Traditional styles have survived and are even stronger. For example Karateka (very traditional) utilising hook punches, spin kicks (Korean and Northern Chinese), Spinning Sweeps (Chinese) and takedowns (Japanese).

Right up to modern day MMA. The Mixed Martial Art fighter had a great stand up game utilised from Kick Boxing. Using things like the Jab, Cross, Hook & Uppercut punches, Forecful front kicks (Snapping and Pushing) and roundhouse kicks.

Playing the game

In Kickboxing there are three main disciplines and All competitors must wear the appropriate safety equipment. Female: Head Guard, Mouth Guard, Chest Guard, Shin Guard, Boots, Gloves and Groin Guard. One referee and three judges score the competition.

The Pink Belt Kickboxing Programme Recognition & Syllabus

The basis and foundation of the syllabus to which this course is upon was developed by me, Marc Edwards (4th Dan Kickboxer).  I  wrote the first draft of a Kickboxing Syllabus in 1998 that when submitted to WAKO GB, they hosted on their website for purchase for the whole organisation. I felt this was a winner and a very good foundation upon which I could build.

Further studies (in other martial arts, human anatomy and performance) made me look at the syllabus (I had previously written) and tear it to bits, look more in depth at each technique, it’s purpose and rebuild one with extended techniques for a more complete look at Kickboxing as a sport and a combat system.  That is the syllabus to which this course has been built on.  Miranda (Nolan) trained for hours per day using this exact syllabus and earned her Black Belt from the President of the organisation (WAKO) himself.

Having decided upon a good ‘Mid Point’ for a Beginner to intermediate level kickboxer within this syllabus, both Miranda and I agreed that the Pink Belt would be an equivalent of a Orange Belt.

This Pink Belt ‘Qualification’ & certificate could then be transferred to an orange belt should the student wish to pursue a ‘ring career’ as a kickboxer. Alternatively, should you wish, once you have completed this programme to actually Teach the Pink Belt Programme, further training can be provided to do so.

With that being said,  GOOD LUCK and enjoy your time ahead!

Please now complete & submit the form Below:


  • DD slash MM slash YYYY
  • Marc Edwards Fitness and Representatives means anybody delivering a training session / Course / Workshop in association with / on behalf of Marc Edwards or Associated Training Provider (REPs Accredited or not) and any Training Session/Course/Class/Workshops including (but not limited to) any of the following names:
    Marc Edwards / Marc Edwards Fitness / K5 Health and Fitness / Universal Training Academy / Universal Training / Universal Fitness Training / Universal Martial Arts Training / Universal Personal Training / K500 Kickboxing / PTSOS / Shipston Personal Training / WAKO GB
  • I am aware of my own health and physical condition, and having knowledge that my participation in any exercise program may be injurious to my health, I am voluntarily participating in a physical activity.
    Having such knowledge, I hereby acknowledge this release, any representatives, agents and successors from liability for accidental injury or illness which I may incur as a result of participating in the said physical activity. I hereby assume all risks connected therewith and consent to participate in said program.
  • Covid 19 Consent Form I understand that the novel coronavirus causes the disease known as COVID-19. I understand the novel coronavirus has a long incubation period during which the carriers of the virus may not show not show the symptoms and may still be contagious. I understand that physical distancing of 2 meters may not be possible while in the Studio. Hard surfaces such as door handles, Ipads, payment terminals and all training equipment will be sanitised and wiped prior and after use. I confirm that I am not currently positive for novel coronavirus. I confirm that I am not waiting for the results of a laboratory test for the novel coronavirus. I verify that I have not returned to the UK from any country outside of the UK, whether by car, air, bus or train in the past 14 days. I verify that I have not been identified as a contact of someone who has test positive for the novel coronavirus or been asked to self-isolate by The Department of Health, or any other government agency. I confirm that I am not presenting with any of the following symptoms of COVID-19 identified by the CDC Fever > 38C, or 100F, chills or body aches Cough Sore Throat Shortness of breath Difficulty breathing Flu-like symptoms Runny Nose Loss of smell or taste I understand that I may be unable to proceed with services with Marc Edwards if they are deemed unsafe to myself. I understand Marc Edwards & Representatives will do everything possible to minimize the spread of COVID – 19, but will not hold them responsible should I contract the COVID – 19. I will immediately notify the trainer if I contract the virus within two weeks following my visit. .


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