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Lifestyle Questionnaire and PARQ for Universal Training, Marc Edwards Fitness and Associated parties

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  • DD slash MM slash YYYY
  • 01 - Inactive 02 - most professionals, office workers, shop workers, teachers, homemakers 03 - workers in light industry, most farm workers, active students, department store workers, soldiers not in active duty, commercial fishing workers 04 - full time athletes and dancers, unskilled labourers, forestry workers, military recruits and soldiers in active service, mine workers, steel workers 05 - lumberjacks, blacksmiths, females construction workers
  • 01 - Inactive 02 - Moderate intensity activity less than 5 x week for 30 minutes 03 - Moderate intensity activity for 5-7 x / week for 30 minutes 04 - Vigorous intensity activity for 5+ x / week for up to 60 minutes 05 - Vigorous intensity activity for 5+ x / week for up to more 1-2 hours or more per day
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