KBI-104-Course Assessments

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Below you will find an overview of the course assessments. Naturally, they ALL must be passed before you will be a certified Personal Trainer.

Each one of these online lessons has a checkpoint assessment to enable us to see if you have understood the content as you have found it.

Formal Assessments

Multiple Choice Theory

There are 40 questions on Anatomy & Physiology and Principles of Exercise in Fitness and Health. These will be at the end of that particular module.

There is an 80% pass Mark for each of these assessments.

Completed Workbook / Portfolio

In the next lesson, we will break down what exactly the workbook is, where you get it from and how best to complete it. This must be fully completed BEFORE you arrive on the live day workshop as that is when you will hand it to your assessor. There is of course an option to hand it in prior to that day if you have completed an electronic version (Recommended).

Practical Assessment

On the live Day you will showcase your knowledge via a practical application with a live subject (Client(s)). Based upon the programme design you have chosen for your workbook, you will execute a training session in front of an assessor to be marked upon competence.

You will go through all of this with your tutor beforehand.

What are the Assessors looking for?

When delivering the exercise session here are some practical guidelines that you can follow for your assessment: 

  • Establish a rapport by welcoming the client(s) appropriately
  • Outline the purpose and structure of the session including health and safety considerations
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