IST_302_Suspension Training Fundamental Exercises

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Suspension Training Exercises and Programming

There are so many awesome exercises that you can complete using your Suspension Training System and the more you become familiar with movement patterns you’ll be able explore the possibilities in greater depth. The videos that follow will guide you through the main exercises for the upper body muscle groups, lower body muscle groups as well as a selection of core exercises. But these are not exhaustive, there are more for you to discover as your learning progresses beyond this course.

  • Upper Body Exercises and Programming including: Close Row, Reverse Fly, Lat Pull Down, Chest Press, Bicep Curl, Tricep Press and more.
  • Lower Body Exercises including: Squat and Squat variations, Lunge and Lunge Variations, Leg Curls, Hip Lift.
  • Core Exercises including: Reverse Woodchop, Plank and Plank variations, Jack Knife, Pike, Lateral Hip Drop.

There is also a presentation on Total Body Programming.

Please watch these videos thoroughly. There will be questions on the content towards the end of this module.

Practice the exercises as much as you can before the live day.

Upper Body Exercises

Upper Body Programming

Lower Body Exercises

Lower Body Programming

Core Exercises

Total Body Programming

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