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Participant of this course are solely responsible for their own health, safety and well-being whilst participating in our courses.

Prior to use, all equipment (if provided by UT) has been thoroughly checked and risk assessed.

The exercises and workouts described in this course should be used as part of an overall conditioning or strengthening exercise programme. It is the responsibility of any trainer or instructor to correctly screen and identify suitable and unsuitable exercises or training recommendations for each and every student/sub instructor or client. No responsibility is accepted for any loss or damage suffered as a result of the use of this information or reliance upon it. It is the responsibility of users to satisfy themselves as to their or their clients’ medical and physical condition, in respect to undertaking the exercises, information and recommendations made.

Irrespective of a user’s medical or physical condition, no responsibility or liability is accepted for any loss or damage suffered by any person as a result of undertaking these exercises or adopting the information and recommendations.


The information contained in this course is the sole property of Universal Training and issued here for the use by Universal Training. Any utilisation of ideas, comments, theories or text should be properly referenced, such as with the Harvard Referencing System, to the authors (Edwards, M H.) Copying this material without the prior consent of its author is strictly prohibited and is a breach of UK & International copyright laws. and legal action will be taken.

Some of the information is from a 3rd party and stated accordingly. We, Universal Training accept no responsibility for the validity of this content or the manner in which it’s set forth.

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