DPT-801- Finals: Work Book Submission

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How to upload and submit your Theory Work Book

First, sign up for a free DropBox Account by clicking HERE or the image below:

Once you’re set up and have an account, you will need to save your completed workbook into your dropbox folder or a subfolder of your choice. We recommend you create a folder within your dropbox and rename it with the date and your name. Perhaps, something like this:


Upload your Workbook into this folder you’ve just created and share the link with us in the form at the bottom of this page as you scroll down.

For help on dropbox, please check these two videos:


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  • Marc Edwards Fitness and Representatives means anybody delivering a training session / Course / Workshop in association with / on behalf of Marc Edwards or Associated Training Provider (REPs Accredited or not) and any Training Session/Course/Class/Workshops including (but not limited to) any of the following names:
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    Terms and Conditions
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    • Leave the place as you find it
    • Report any defects ASAP
    • Remove outdoor footwear before you enter
    • Train only with the programme you're given by your trainer
    • Don't be a dumbass and get stuck under some weights you're not strong enough to lift
    • You break it, you buy it
    • Use it or lose it.... basically NO REFUNDS
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    • Ask questions if you're unsure of anything
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