DPT-701- Business Management: Additional Revenue Streams

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Other ways to earn money.

Other than offering solely 1:1, time for money on a person to person basis, consider the following:

Social Media Presence 

  • Online earning opportunity – you might be able to earn money as part of an online support package with training plans, meal plans and lifestyle guidance. I’d advise that you’ve comfortable with technology if you’re looking at this option. 
  • Having a strong online presence could earn you sponsorship deals and get you invited to be part of brand ambassador programmes – whilst in itself not a money earner, you might get some freebies or at least decent discounts on products, it is likely that you’ll have a referral code that you can share – if your customers make purchases with your code, they may receive a discount and you might get a small referral fee. 
  • A strong online presence may lead to you being asked to contribute to news articles and press releases. Whilst in itself this is unlikely to earn you any direct income, it will lead to greater exposure and should be seen as free marketing.
  • On a personal note, be careful what you post (strong or controversial opinions).
  • Don’t forget to keep it meaningful, genuine and authentic.

Group Exercise Classes 

  • If you have the qualifications, group classes are a great way to network and meet people. Allowing you to market your Personal Training services. Most commonly, instructors will teach in gyms and fitness facilities on behalf of the company running it and they get paid an hourly rate (PAYE or invoiced). 
  • You may also choose to hire a hall in your area (check out the logistics). 
  • Another option is to reach out to businesses, corporate clients, education providers, sports clubs, small private groups. Organisations are now taking a bigger interest in the health and well being of their staff and should welcome an approach from someone who can tick this box for them. Research the going rate in your area. Negotiate a slightly higher price if you are providing the equipment.

Workshops / Courses 

  • These are great if you have an area of knowledge that you’re passionate about for example: nutrition / weight management / bulking up etc. 
  • These can be held as multiple one off sessions / workshops lasting 1-2 hours. If you’re charging a premium rate, consider a ‘goodie-bag’ of relevant items or samples as a good selling point. If you are intending on hiring a large room, ensure that your ticket sales cover your costs and that you have the ability to amplify your voice so that everyone can hear you. 
  • You may also want to consider running a series of related sessions so that customers sign up for 6-8 weeks. Maybe you could combine an education session with a practical exercise session to add value?

Retreats / Bootcamps 

  • Take Workshops and Courses to the next level! Logistically, much more challenging because you’ll be expected to provide accommodation and food, possibly even entertainment on top of your exercise sessions and educational talks.

Last bit of Advice

Find your WHY

What do you do?

How do you do it?

Part of this journey might be to identify your target audience (if you intend to have one), and your speciality (e.g. sporting success, well being, weight management, muscular strength…), as well as your coaching style and character / personality.

Make a Plan 

Have an idea of what you want to do next. Try and figure out what’s really important to you. Consider immediate goals as well as medium and long term ones. Is Personal Training to be your main source of income, or a skill set to enhance your earnings alongside an existing career – how will this fit with your existing commitments? How much would you need to earn for it to be sustainable? How many hours are you willing to put it? Do these two marry up? Set yourself some tangible goals for your business – make them specific and measurable – include financial goals – firm up how you’re going to achieve these and then take action!


I cannot stress enough, the more you practice, the more your confidence will improve, the more you’ll relax into your delivery and be convincing as a Personal Trainer. 

In researching venues where you want to work, see if you can get to use the facilities so that you can start to build some connections with the people that work there.

Never Stop Learning 

Research is never ending, knowledge is constantly evolving. Expand your mind and keep learning. Online, books, manuals, more courses, podcasts – there are so many options. Whilst absorbing this new information, don’t forget to question the source – does the information sound legit? There are some crazy claims that results can be achieved with one simple exercise or that a particular exercise is good for [insert unrealistic health benefit here]. It pays to stay a little sceptical.

Be You

To be able to authentically connect with your business, you have to be you. Genuine and authentic. Deliver your work from the heart. You can fake enthusiasm, but only for so long. Take time to build relationships and make connections.

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